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In a previous life, I was an assistant professor at Georgia Tech. As an academic, my interests were in design processes. I studied design processes in depth and the concept that most intrigued me was experience design. It immediately made sense to me. We shouldn't just be designing products and systems, we should be designing the experience of the users.

Although the concept of experience design was exciting, I always wondered how we can really design the experiences of a person when an experience is something personal. People have their own mental models and belief systems which will influence how they experience something. How can we then really design the experience of the user?

Although I read many publications on experience design, the publications still didn't really tell me how you could influence the experience of many people at the same time. But, it happens and we have all experienced it. There are certain products and experiences that a large number of people love.

My thoughts on experience design only consolidated after I watched a magician perform. I remember thinking to myself, this guy has a really difficult job. He has to amaze everyone in the room or at least a large percentage, or else he has failed. From then, I started putting together a process for magical experience creation. This is what we train all members of Scientific Innovations on. Our goal is to create an organization of magical experience creators.

Posted by Mervyn

Mervyn is founder of Scientific Innovations Company. He was previously CEO of Mikrotools Pte Ltd, a company focused on the design, manufacture and sales of machines for manufacturing micro and nano sized parts and features. Prior to that, he co-founded BioMers Pte Ltd, a medical device company that developed the world’s only completely clear braces system to alleviate patients’ concern for unsightly metallic braces. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA.