How can I help you?

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We are always on the look out for good people who can be a part of Scientific Innovations. Quite regularly, at the end of a discussion with someone whom we are looking to bring into the team, I get posed the question "How can I help you?"

My answer to this is that we are not looking just for people to do something for us now. We are looking for people who can make significant contributions as a part of us down the road. We are therefore open to people joining us and exploring different roles, trying, learning and growing. Sometimes we get confused reactions to this.

While talent development programs are practiced in larger companies, in a startup environment, it could get tricky as there is little or no redundancy and everyone has to be very focused on execution. With the exploration that we allow, we often get questioned by people looking into our business, "how can you allow that?", "this person can't do this.", "this person shouldn't be in this role", "this person doesn't have the background for this."

It's a tough balance between ensuring results and allowing exploration and learning. Our approach is to adopt a close mentoring process. After all, we want these people to be the future leaders of what we do. So why not just put in the effort to really help someone grow?

Time will tell if what we are doing is appropriate for our environment.

Posted by Mervyn

Mervyn is founder of Scientific Innovations Company. He was previously CEO of Mikrotools Pte Ltd, a company focused on the design, manufacture and sales of machines for manufacturing micro and nano sized parts and features. Prior to that, he co-founded BioMers Pte Ltd, a medical device company that developed the world’s only completely clear braces system to alleviate patients’ concern for unsightly metallic braces. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA.