At Scientific Innovations, we work on early stage ideas and bring them to market. We experiment with all kinds of ideas, however challenging they are. We are pretty much domain agnostic.

There are multiple determinants in the success of the projects and initiatives that we engage in - some of which are in our control, some of which are not. We believe the most important among them is people. We believe that the team is central. Great individuals or teams, when faced with challenging problems (of which we expect no shortage of), figure things out.

We are always looking for great people to join us at Scientific Innovations. Sound fundamental knowledge of areas that you claim to have expertise in, ability to exchange ideas and synthesize, an indescribable hunger to learn and to create, an imaginative mind, and most importantly empathy - are some of the traits that we value highly.

If you want to build the world's greatest products and be part of a highly talented team to take an idea from a concept to a billion dollar company, we want you. We are specifically interested in people who have leadership capabilities - people who can envision a future and rally a great team around that vision.

Confident of who you are but not sure what would be a best fit for you in Scientific Innovations? Grab a coffee with anyone in our team.

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