Research Scientists

As a start-up studio, we continuously experiment with ideas in different areas, many of which have a strong technology component and are also borderline preposterous (see post on ideas). We have open positions for research scientists who are interested in experimenting with these ideas. We welcome you to join us to pursue your passion in science. We will provide a space for you (both literally and figuratively) for you to experiment.

  • Masters or PhD in the Natural/Applied Sciences
  • Ability to quickly test ideas and prototype and attain proof-of-concept
  • Ability to work in inter-disciplinary teams (are you a lone inventor?)
  • Understanding of the real world (as strange as it may sound, the realities on the ground are often different from the imaginative world of a research scientist)
  • A possibility to translate ideas to the real world, commercial applications
  • Work with a great inter-disciplinary team
  • Freedom to experiment
  • An alternative career track (from academia and traditional industry)
  • As an inventor you will have a stake in the financial success of the project (shared with people who execute)
You are also welcome to discuss with one of our research scientists on their experience working with Scientific Innovations.
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