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Prescribed Hair Care

About Mirakel Technologies

Mirakel Technologies offers a heatless, harsh chemical-free hair straightening technology. The groundbreaking procedure is based on a platform technology that infuses charged atoms and molecules into the hair, creating permanent change including straightening, coloring, thickening or even an ability to add fragrance into the hair.

About Cardiatrics

Cardiatrics is a treatment aimed at reducing the risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) in susceptible individuals. The approach, based on the science of preventive cardiology, combines clinical supervision with personalized assessment and intervention in lifestyle activities such as nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. The treatment is delivered to individuals with a high risk of CVD via a network of clinical practices utilizing a proprietary mobile health and telemedicine platform developed by the company.

About DLab International

D Lab International is a full service digital dental laboratory offering a comprehensive suite of customized orthodontic appliances, dentures and digital services.

Each dental appliance is personalized for every patient ensuring the best possible fit, function and comfort. We have developed a proprietary online digital platform that not only allows our dentists and patients fast and convenient access to their records but also an online ordering system that eliminates the need for physical models and allows our laboratory to fabricate the appliances direct to our customers in a seamless manner.

Our vision is to always innovate, push the boundaries and be at the forefront using cutting edge technology in the dental space so as to create magical experiences in each and every product that we fabricate.

About HomeBakee

Homebakee helps local bakers become the key suppliers to food retailers. Our platform organizes bakers into small groups of who operate out of their own home kitchens but are managed by a professional pastry chef who is in charge of quality. Each group serves as a small artisanal production facility, with bakers who are screened, insured and certified.

In doing so, we have created a platform that allows food retailers and businesses that require baked goods to scale their production effortlessly without additional cost into new equipment or facilities. Businesses utilize our home bakers to increase and decrease their production according to the demand and season. We are serving some of the largest corporations in the world, including Google, Unilever, Citi Bank and Accenture, as well as consumers and cafes around Singapore and New York.

About Kyra Science

Choosing the most appropriate and effective shampoo and conditioner can be a daunting task. There are just so many options.

Recommendations for shampoos and conditioners are largely anecdotal and subjective - based on someone else’s experience with someone else’s hair. “You know, what works for me is…” “I know someone with hair a bit like yours…”

It is difficult to understand hair problems and recommend the best products in such a fashion, particularly when based on the experiences of people whose hair nature and issues do not completely match your own. Furthermore, no one has realistically sampled all available shampoos and conditioners to be able to recommend the best product for your hair type and the issues you face.

At Kyra, we aim to tackle this problem. Our goal is to provide customers with the product that is perfect for them.

About Px plate

Px Plate prescribes you with meals that are designed precisely for your body’s individual health. We take the guess work out of “healthy” eating to support your individual health, metabolism and disease resistance with nutrition that matters.